Advances Engineering Software (Volume 65, Pages 1-216, November 2013)

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      Publication Year: 2013, Page IFC

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  Configurable model for real-time crane erection visualization
      Wei-Han Hung, Shih-Chung Kang

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 1-11

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  Pareto process optimization of product development project using bi-objective hybrid genetic algorithm
      Tianri Wang, Shunsheng Guo, Yi Liu

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 12-22

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  Simulation analysis of thermal influential factors on crude oil temperature when double pipelines are laid in one ditch
      Hongjun Zhu, Xiaolu Yang, Jiajia Li, Na Li

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 23-31

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  Robust multi-objective maintenance planning of deteriorating bridges against uncertainty in performance model
      Seung-Yong Ok, Sun-Young Lee, Wonsuk Park

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 32-42

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  Application of evolutionary algorithms for optimum layout of Truss-Z linkage in an environment with obstacles
      Machi Zawidzki, Katsuhiro Nishinari

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 43-59

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  Numeric analysis and simulation of space vector pulse width modulation
      Guoqiang Chen, Jianli Kang, Junwei Zhao

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 60-65

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  Using hierarchical data mining to characterize performance of wireless system configurations
       Alex Verstak, Naren Ramakrishnan, Layne T. Watson, Jian He, Clifford A. Shaffer, Ananth Y. Grama

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 66-77

      PDF (1934 K) ► Article preview

  A cloud computing based framework for general 2D and 3D cellular automata simulation
      Rodrigo Marques, Bruno Feijo, Karin Breitman, Thieberson Gomes, Laercio Ferracioli, Hélio Lopes

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 78-89

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  Comparison between coupled local minimizers method and differential evolution algorithm in dynamic damage detection problems
       Loris Vincenzi, Guido De Roeck, Marco Savoia

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 90-100

      PDF (811 K) ► Article preview

  Fire emergency evacuation simulation based on integrated fire–evacuation model with discrete design method
      Peizhong Yang, Chao Li, Dehu Chen

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 101-111

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  Static and dynamic physically non-linear analysis of concrete structures using a hybrid mixed finite element model
      Mário R.T. Arruda, Luís Manuel Santos Castro

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 112-131

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  A method for the acquisition of ontology-based user profiles
Lixin Han, Guihai Chen, Ming Li

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 132-137

      PDF (615 K) ► Article preview

  A computer algebra system for analysis and control of nonlinear time-delay systems
      A. Gárate-García, L.A. Márquez-Martínez, J.R. Cuesta-García, E. García-Ramírez

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 138-148

      PDF (2679 K) ► Article preview

  The component interaction network approach for modeling of complex thermal systems
      K. El Khoury, G. Mouawad, G. El Hitti, M. Nemer

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 149-157

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  As-rigid-as-possible mesh deformation and its application in hexahedral mesh generation
     Wei Peng, Detang Lu, Tao Huang, Rongwang Yin

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 158-167

      PDF (5592 K) ► Article preview

  Preserving isotropic element size functions in adaptivity, quadrilateral and hexahedral mesh generation
      E. Ruiz-Gironés, X. Roca, J. Sarrate

     Publication Year: 2013, Pages 168-181

     PDF (4355 K) ► Article preview

  Adaptive system for dam behavior modeling based on linear regression and genetic algorithms
      B. Stojanovic, M. Milivojevic, M. Ivanovic, N. Milivojevic, D. Divac

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 182-190

      PDF (1480 K) ► Article preview

  An efficient algorithm for solving a multi-layer convection–diffusion problem applied to air pollution problems
      L. Ferragut, M.I. Asensio, J.M. Cascón, D. Prieto, J. Ramírez

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 191-199

      PDF (4302 K) ► Article preview

  An efficient scheme for coupling dissimilar hexahedral meshes with the aid of variable-node transition elements
      Dongwoo Sohn, Jae Hyuk Lim, Seyoung Im

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 200-215

      PDF (10859 K) ► Article preview

Advances Engineering Software (Volume 65, Pages 1-216, November 2013)

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