Advances Engineering Software (Volumes 62–63, Pages 1-130, August–September 2013)

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      Publication Year: 2013, Page IFC

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  Special Issue Dedicated to Professor Zdeněk Bittnar on the Occasion of his Seventieth Birthday: Part I
      Jaroslav Kruis

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 1-2

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  Mathematical conditions for and physical meaning of a maximum of the determinant of image in the prebuckling regime
      H.A. Mang, X. Jia

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 3-8

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  Design and optimization of roof trusses using morphological indicators
       L. Pyl, C.W.M. Sitters, W.P. De Wilde

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 9-19

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  Distributed computing for the nonlinear analysis of multiphase composites
      K. Schrader, C. Könke

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 20-32

      PDF (3006 K) ► Article preview

  An integrated computer model of a solar updraft power plant
      Wilfried B. Krätzig

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 33-38

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  Using the recursive subdivision and the advancing front technique for the discretization of multi-phase microstructures
      Daniel Rypl, Zdeněk Bittnar

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 39-50

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  Modeling of soil structure interaction during tunnel excavation: An engineering approach
     T. Janda, M. Šejnoha, J. Šejnoha

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 51-60

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  Fracture properties of cement and alkali activated fly ash based concrete with application to segmental tunnel lining
      M. Šejnoha, M. Brouček, E. Novotná, Z. Keršner, D. Lehký, P. Frantı́k

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 61-71

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  Probabilistic models for tunnel construction risk assessment
      Olga Špačková, Eva Novotná, Michal Šejnoha, Jiří Šejnoha

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 72-84

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  Hybrid fuzzy-genetic system for optimising cabled-truss structures
       V.C. Finotto, W.R.L. da Silva, M. Valášek, P. Štemberk

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 85-96

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  Fuzzy modeling of combined effect of winter road maintenance and cyclic loading on concrete slab bridge
      P. Štemberk, W.R.L. da Silva, J. Sýkorová, J. Bartová

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 97-108

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  Application of multiscale elastic homogenization based on nanoindentation for high performance concrete
      W.R.L. da Silva, J. Němeček, P. Štemberk

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 109-118

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  Temperature heterogeneity during travelling fire on experimental building
      Kamila Horová, Tomáš Jána, František Wald

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 119-130

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Advances Engineering Software (Volumes 62–63, Pages 1-130, August–September 2013)

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