Areogel composites

Master thesis “Systhesis and application of areogel composites from agricultural by-products in wastewater treatment”.

Author: Vu Van Phu.

Major: Chemical engineering.

Year completed: 2023. 

Aerogel is a material with low density, high porous structure, and large specific surface area synthesized from the traditional sol-gel method combined with modern drying methods. Areogel is widely used in many fields of science, technology, and life such as insulators for contruction, reactors, pipes, insulators for goods during transportation, clothing, and special protective shoes. Aerogel is also used in the aerospace industry as an adsorbent. Because their features have enable aerogel in becoming a promising material in numerous fields of application.

In a world where demands for freshwater are ever-growing, wastewater remediation becomes a global concern. However, the development of innovative processes for wastewater treatment is still a major obstacle. Therefore, the utilization of agricultural byproducts as a feedstock for successfully making adsorbents not only meaningful turns waste into high-value materials but also lowers porduction costs. Concerning their fast removal rate and environmental compatibility, cellulose aerogel composites and silica - based aerogel composites are recently considered are fabricated using the sol-gel method from pineapple leaf fibers and cotton waste fibers in the alkali - uera solution followed by freeze - dyring.

Thesis presents the content:

- Aerogel and aerogel composite

- Silica - based aerogel composite.

- Synthesis method of aerogel.

- Application of aerogel in wastewater treatment.

- Cellulose aerogel composite.

Areogel composites

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