Advances Engineering Software (Volume 56, Pages 1-84, February 2013)

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      Publication Year: 2013, Page IFC

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  A framework for recommendation in learning object repositories: An example of application in civil engineering
      A. Zapata, V.H. Menéndez, M.E. Prieto, C. Romero

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 1-14

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  Multimodal size, shape, and topology optimisation of truss structures using the Firefly algorithm
      Leandro Fleck Fadel Miguel, Rafael Holdorf Lopez, Letícia Fleck Fadel Miguel

     Publication Year: 2013, Pages 23-37

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  An ACO-inspired algorithm for minimizing weighted flowtime in cloud-based parameter sweep experiments
      Cristian Mateos, Elina Pacini, Carlos García Garino

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 38-50

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  Fast and reduced full-system finite element solution of elastohydrodynamic lubrication problems: Line contacts
       W. Habchi, J. Issa

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 51-62

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  Iterative, simulation-based shape modification by free-form deformation of the NC programs
      A. Sacharow, S. Odendahl, A. Peuker, D. Biermann, T. Surmann, A. Zabel

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 63-71

      PDF (813 K) ► Article preview

  Using hybrid discretizations in parallelized structural dynamic analyses
       Luı´s A.M. Mendes, Luı´s M.S.S. Castro

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 72-83

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  Reply to discussion by Alavi and Gandomi on “Models to predict the deformation modulus and the coefficient of subgrade reaction for earth filling structures” by Ismail Dinçer [Adv. Eng. Software 42 (2011) 160–171]
      İsmail Dinçer

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 15-22

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Advances Engineering Software (Volume 56, Pages 1-84, February 2013)

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