Advances Engineering Software (Volume 66, Pages 1-52, December 2013)

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       Publication Year: 2013, Page IFC
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      Professor Y. Tsompanakis, B.H.V. Topping

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 1-2

      PDF (157 K) 

  Dynamic analysis of structures on multicore computers – Achieving efficiency through object oriented design
       R.I. Mackie

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 3-9

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  Two-pheromone Ant Colony Optimization to design dispersed laminates for aeronautical structural applications
       T.A. Sebaey, C.S. Lopes, N. Blanco, J.A. Mayugo, J. Costa

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 10-18

      PDF (635 K) ► Article preview

  Estimation of real-time water fluxes in water distribution system on the basis of pressure measurements
      T. Koppel, A. Vassiljev

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 19-23

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  Application of data mining in a global optimization algorithm
       T.Y. Chen, J.H. Huang

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 24-33

       PDF (2380 K) ► Article preview

  Finite element model for damping optimization of viscoelastic sandwich structures
      J.S. Moita, A.L. Araújo, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 34-39

      PDF (751 K) ► Article preview

  Large displacement stability analysis of thin plate structures: Scope of MPI/OpenMP parallelization in harmonic coupled finite strip analysis
      D.D. Milašinović, A. Borković, Ž. Živanov, P.S. Rakić, M. Nikolić, L. Stričević, M. Hajduković

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 40-51

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Advances Engineering Software (Volume 66, Pages 1-52, December 2013)

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