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Tác giả: Trần Doãn Sơn (Chủ biên) - Trần Anh Sơn - Tôn Thiện Phương
Năm xuất bản: 2018
ISBN: 978-604-73-6529-6

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One of the more important aspects of an effective operation of a training program is the process of practicing and experimenting. In the new training program, all subjects must have experiments. Manufacturing Engineering 2 is not an exception. As a core subject in manufacturing engineering, in addition to the theoretical knowledge provided in the classroom, students must attend laboratory sessions to perform measurement, analysis, assessment, and discussion based on the theories taught in the classroom.


Experiment 1  Measuring geometric parameters of turning tools7
Experiment 2  Surveying the distribution of finished dimensions of turning process using probability and statistics 
Experiment 3  Studying the effect of feed rate on surface roughness in turning
Experiment 4  Effect of speed and feed in orthoganal cutting 
Experiment 5  Effect of the rake angle in orthogonal machining 
Experiment 6  Effect of the application of a lubricant 
Experiment 7  Tool wear 
Experiment 8  Measurement of cutting temperatures 
Experiment 9  The effect of electrical current on productivity and surface roughness  in edm processing

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