Advances Engineering Software (Volume 64, Pages 1-74, October 2013)

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       Publication Year: 2013, Page IFC

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  An object-oriented graphics interface design and optimization software for cross-sectional shape of automobile body
      Wenjie Zuo

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 1-10

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  A simple algorithm for Boolean operations on polygons
       Francisco Martínez, Carlos Ogayar, Juan R. Jiménez, Antonio J. Rueda

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 11-19

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  Incorporating improved refinement techniques for a grid-based geometrically-adaptive hexahedral mesh generation algorithm
      Lili Huang, Guoqun Zhao, Xinwu Ma, Zhonglei Wang

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 20-32

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  Generation of representation models for complex systems using Lagrangian functions
       F.J. Navarro-González, Y. Villacampa

       Publication Year: 2013, Pages 33-37

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  Contact analysis of flexible beam during space docking process
      Xiang Zhang, Yiyong Huang, Xiaoqian Chen

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 38-46

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  Expert system applied for classifying self-compacting concrete surface finish
      Wilson Ricardo Leal da Silva, Petr Štemberk

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 47-61

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  Parametric virtual laboratory development: A hydropower case study with student perspectives
      Andrew M. Thomas, Venkatesh C. Vijay, Pathmeswaran Raju, Craig  Chapman, Parmjit Chima, Alok Mathur, Adel Chemaly

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 62-70

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  Discussion of Kapsiz, M., Durat, M., Ficici, F. (2011). Friction and wear studies between cylinder liner and piston ring pair using Taguchi design method. Advances in Engineering Software, 42(8), 595–603
      Jonathan D. Linton, Quanhong Jiang, Christopher J. Gatti, Mark J. Embrechts

      Publication Year: 2013, Pages 71-73

      PDF (1174 K) 

Advances Engineering Software (Volume 64, Pages 1-74, October 2013)

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